Friday, June 21, 2013

What we are preparing you each for is to receive your own inner messages. We will no longer be the source for much of what you each need to know. Most of you are already receiving your direct guidance and you seek confirmation. Some of you will need periods of stillness to arrive at your destiny. Some of you will find other processes taking place. There is no right or wrong on this part of your journey, as long as you are listening to what is within you. This is different from listening to your mind tell you something completely different from what you heart and soul is trying to reveal to thee. If you are honest, you will feel the difference between your soul guidance and your inner programmed voice of your parents,, relatives, friends or conditioning.

To find your inner voice, you must learn to find a quiet place and really listen to what is within you. Pick a time when you are not scared. Be open and really hear what is within your nature. Once you do this, you will learn to discern conditioning from truth. You must each learn to pay attention to what is within you so that you may survive and thrive. The goal is to thrive and not survive but many of you need to start in survival mode. As you learn to follow what is in your guidance system, you will find it becomes easier to pay attention to your own authentic journey and programming. We wish only the best for all of you.