Sunday, June 9, 2013

How can people understand their lessons in life and work through them better?

What do you see reflected back to you? There may be loops that you keep finding showing up. There might be certain people who show up and you think you worked through something but someone in a different package is the same person showing up. Pay attention to the patterns that you keep observing. Where do you get frustrated? There is probably a huge lesson for you in that moment or experience. Are there types of people or situations that consistently make you angry? There are lessons for you in those moments. Of course, the lesson may be to just step away from someone. Do you attract drama/trauma situations and people? If so there are some lessons for you in that experience.

Pay attention to the type of life that you want versus what you have. What changes do you want to see take place? What patterns are you focused on and how do they affect what you have? You work through things by bringing up questions about what is showing up in your life and how to process the experiences and moments. This isn’t just an intellectual approach. This is also visceral. Engage all of your senses with experiences. Pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Something may work in one moment and not in another moment. Be willing to try something different. Much is open ended. Each experience is just a moment. Patterns hold the key to what you need to take a clear look at. Be willing to step back and make another choice. Move ahead as you need to. Pay attention to right where you are. Come up with your own questions and answers. See how things work out, once you define something. The reactions will help you navigate the all that is. What shows up will also help you understand better what you are putting out in the world and willing to accept and experience.