Friday, June 7, 2013

What are some ways that people can understand how their work or life is evolving?

You know that you are drawn to different information. Your passions change and adjust. Life tends to bring opportunities into your field. People either follow through with the opportunities or they reject them. Many waffle on making changes and many will wait until it is too late to proceed with something. Much is going to change on a large scale and quickly. You must be able to tune in and know which directions to follow and which paths to take. There are many humans who will hold energy tightly and not allow it to move or grow. They have a need to control what is showing up and often they will stifle the energy until it no longer is what it was.

You have seen how people hold onto something and obsess over it, until the energy is gone and then they wonder what happened to what was supposed to take place. If you learn how to not obsess over something and flow with the energy, then you will be able to evolve much more easily in your work and other parts of your life. Nothing is meant to truly be stagnant but when many get obsessive and are in ego, they cannot see this.

If you truly want to evolve, enjoy what you have while you have. Enjoy the people who belong in your life, while they are in your life. Be willing to let things go and move to the next piece. There is very little that you can truly plan out. Pay attention to how you feel in the energy of what you are doing and experiencing. Release what doesn’t feel good or right and open to what does belong. Be in the present moment and truly show up. Don’t worry about what is next. Instead look at what needs to take shape right here and now. Find ways to enjoy whatever you are doing. If you aren’t enjoying it, step back. If you can bring love in to everything you are involved in, then you will truly evolve and get the most of each moment.