Friday, June 14, 2013

It is time to stop taking things at face value. See beyond appearances. Look beyond what is being shown to you. There are many smoke screens in your world. People mask who they are and you soon find out that there is a mask hiding the true being. Most of those trying to hide their true nature, will not be able to do so for much longer. They are not doing as good a job as they believe they are doing.

The way you navigate smoke screens is by trusting your intuition. Someone may tell you what you want to hear but that doesn’t mean it is true. Ask that the truth be shown and you will understand what needs to happen. If you feel something is off or out of whack, it is. So, don’t make excuses. If you feel sick when you are around someone, they are toxic for you. The Universe has no need for you to stay in situations that are toxic for you. That is not a loving thing to do for you or for the others involved. Soon, you will know how to stay away from toxic situations before you even start to get involved in them. But, you must be true to what you pick up and feel. That information is only applicable to you and not necessarily right for someone else. You are tuning in to find your own answers and not trying to control another person or being. Each of you must find what you are committed to creating as your life and way of being on the earth plane. If you perceive someone for being what they truly are, you can make better choices for yourself. The better information you have, the better choices you make.


Yahweh and the Founders of Light