Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What are you holding onto that you must release? It is easy to get complacent and hold onto objects that hold sentimental value or because someone gave it to you. It is time to clear away whatever is not really yours so that you have space for what is yours. Energy that needs to be released will make space for what is new, once you release whatever needs to go.

The way that you can determine what needs to stay and what needs to go is to tune into the object. Pay attention to how you feel with it. You might hear an answer or you might feel a specific way with it. Do you feel drawn to it, or do you feel pushed away from it? Does your energy contract or expand with it or being around it? Those are all ways to understand what needs to go or stay. Use your senses and be with things in a very clear and open way. You will find your own techniques that work for you in this process.