Monday, June 3, 2013

Answers come when you are ready for them and when they are ready to be revealed. Knowing this allows you each to relax and enjoy the moment. Put out what you wish to learn and understand but then let go. Refocus yourself to the moment and what needs to take place in the moment. Your futures will reveal themselves in due time. Your present is here to be enjoyed and your past is over. You have a chance to start fresh with each present moment. You know you are valued and loved. It doesn’t matter if that doesn’t seem to show up in your daily life. You have created filters that manifest what you have allowed to come through and block what you have filtered out of your perceptions. How many times do you wake up and see something that was there all along but you never noticed it before? You were focused in another direction. Just because you don’t see something or it isn’t in your awareness doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The all that is simply is. There is nothing really new in creation, it is just a matter of someone being ready for what is to reveal itself to you. The consciousness must be right.