Friday, May 20, 2011

Changing Models

Brothers and Sisters,

Your missions are interconnected with your talents and abilities. Many things may seem hidden or don’t seem a fit for you. But always look to what your natural gifts are. When you understand those pieces, you start to understand what you are here to learn, experience and bring to the world. What you are passionate about will hold keys to your purpose in this realm. You can accomplish your purpose and still be honoring of all life and ways. There is no need to control, fix or manipulate others to fulfill your journey on the physical plane.

Mankind has spent too much energy in manipulation and fear. So, you think to be affective you must carry on in those models. The truth is you need to break those models and retrain your techniques for working on the physical plane. When you learn to connect with your spirit and the ways of true manifestation, you will find this task much easier and the prospects much brighter. You are creating new foot prints on the life paths you walk. Those foot prints will create new grooves in the synapses and alter the ways mankind functions. Start with reprogramming yourselves and then you will be able to direct those who ask for your guidance. When we say ask for your guidance, you will soon learn the difference between lip service and action/alignment requests.

You may only guide those who are truly ready and open for growth and you must never impose or force your ways on another. Respect of free will must always be honored. There is no reason to get frustrated with those who choose to follow another path. No one must be forced to grow or change. Respect and honor are paramount for this process.