Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gifts and Gratitude

Now is the time of blessings! Enjoy this day and this moment. Learn to focus on what gifts surround you here and now. This is the time to take stock of what you are blessed with.

There is much more in store for each of you or at least many of you. So, do not look at this as precursors to anything. It is just important for you to each realize you have many gifts in the here and now and much more lies before you. Appreciation and gratitude will go a long way for each of you to grow and learn.

Do not bless or hold gratitude just because you believe we ask this of you. Do it from a genuine love of all that is in existence. When you give charity, do it from love and not guilt or pressure. We do not ask for anything out of guilt or sense of obligation. Do it because your soul aligns with the energy. You are not collecting points with us. You must make your choices because they are the right thing for you to do.