Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Sacred

Blessings dear ones! You are on an adventure. You are courageous beyond what you are aware and know. We see the light shine and beam from you. It is a great light. We know where you are at all times and we watch over you. You are never alone, even when you feel like you are cast out beyond all hope and recognition. Yet, we are around you. We feel your pain and joy. We seek to hallow the ground that you walk on.

All is sacred if you will only look for the sacred within and around it. All is from love, if you will only look at the love within all that exists.

The dictators of your world will soon be lost in their own creations. They hold no power and we ask that you stop giving them so much of your energy. Remember to only feed the energy you wish to see expand. If you no longer wish to feed the ego energy, stop giving it your attention. If you desire to stop encouraging abuse, neglect, pomposity or anything that you feel is negative, stop feeding the energy. Instead, put your focus on what you value and desire to see more of. What you place your attention towards will continually expand. You must truly commit to this and you will see the changes.

We know that many prayer groups are created to change outcomes. We do not wish for you to try and alter outcomes for others. Work on changing the outcomes in your own lives. As each of you makes changes in your thoughts and deeds, you will notice the outcomes alter around you. Each must execute their own free will and make decisions right for themselves. You must not try and force beliefs or try to alter outcomes for another. They will always have whatever they need. We know we have gone over this before. This is vital for you to understand so it is worth repeating.

Noah and Rebecca