Friday, May 13, 2011

Pure Thought & Intention

We are here to teach mankind that light work comes from a pure thought and intention. Mankind often convolutes energy with ego energy and desires that are not of honor. We ask you to remove your agendas for altering people and their behaviors. It is not your job or work. You are responsible for your own actions and behaviors and when you try and impose on others, it will never be the strongest choice.

You who are ready to grow and expand your life and work will need to work on purifying your own thoughts and beliefs. You will be stripping yourself of the training that mankind had imposed on you and opening instead to the energy of light. Let the energy of light flow through you. Let each cell soak in the light vibration and see what comes through you. Pay attention to how you feel and how you are interpreting what is around you. Pay attention to what no longer feels right for you and what foods no longer resonate with you.

You will notice that you are no longer able to be around certain people or beliefs. This is not from intolerance but from a need to find a different way for yourself. You will be in a process of restructuring your energy and to do that, you might need to isolate yourselves for a time being. You are not asking anyone else to change in this process. You will instead start to find that new energy is drawn to you and in that, new work will take the place of your current work. New doors and ways will open to you. You do not need to explain this shift to others for they will not understand it, unless it is right for them.

We only offer this information to those it resonates with. We have no need to force change upon you. Change will happen naturally. You may find that there is another energy catalyst for you. If so, use that. You must find what is authentic and right for yourselves. Each will be lead to the path right for them.


Yahweh and the God Grid