Monday, May 30, 2011

Ushering the New

Brothers and Sisters,

Take command of your own lives and beings. We are here around you to assist you now. The light beings that come to serve with you will take many shapes and forms. We are in the forms that are right for each of you. We garner praise for you.

Stop the ways of violence. Stop the ways of the old. Feed no more the energy of these past ways and ideas so that you may help usher in the new forms of light coming through to all of you. As you release your violence tendencies or beliefs, you will find true peace. As you stop feeding your minds with such energy, you will also stop feeding it into your soul.

The graphics you are constantly fed of violence does nothing to help advance you or your ways. You are taught that it is entertainment. How are you truly entertained by such images and focus? Even when it is pretend, how does it impact your lives and the lives of those around you? It is now time for you to commit to what you will be and take on. If you wish to be love and peace, you must really commit to love and peace in all areas of your ways. Violence is not an escape. Watching violence only expands violence. The more you watch it, the more shows or movies come out with violence. It just continues to expand. Now is your time to really commit to the life and world you wish to support.


The Godhead