Thursday, May 12, 2011

Energy Focus

What are you putting your energy into? Who are the people you are placing your energy into? How is that feeling? Remember that anything you focus on or concentrate on will expand. So, it is vital that you not put more energy than is needed into areas of your life that you don’t want to expand. Put instead the main part of your energy into what you do want to expand.

If something is of a lower vibration and you want a life of higher vibration, you must also pay attention to where you are focusing your thoughts and actions. Many of you will state you don’t want something and then put all of your focus in what you don’t want. It expands and you are shocked. There are also many of you who will constantly speak of something but then you do not do any action towards what you profess to want. If you spend less time talking about things and actually take the steps towards your goals, you will no longer be wasting your energy. It is more affective to do something than to talk about doing something.

Look at the motivation of those who talk about things but don’t do them. They may not even know why they continually talk about things without follow through. Usually, they come up with excuses to only talk about doing something without doing it. You have many options in your world but manifestation comes from alignment of thoughts, actions and deeds. All of the pieces must fit and flow together. When all is aligned, the creation process will work with you. The back and forth energy only convolutes outcomes. All works better for you when it is aligned.