Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outside of the Box

Brothers and Sisters,

We ask you each to start learning to think outside of the boxes of what you have been taught from the human perspective. We speak to you now of energy centers. Humans are taught to follow chakra systems for your development. However there are some of you who are not human and so you do not have the same types of energy centers. It doesn’t matter that you are in human bodies. Your true energy may be run by different currents and different directions of those currents. You may also have different colors in your chakras than what you are taught.

So, for the sake of this knowledge, tune in and find out what your individual chakras or energy systems hold. Find out if that is your path of learning and development in your energy types. Be open to what information comes through. You might have different grid systems in your energy lines. The way of activating your energy might be different from what you have been taught or you presuppose. Your catalyst for activating your energy and light may be different. So, we ask that you entertain this. This will not be different for all of you but it may show up and you are not off by picking up that information, if that is the answer you pick up.

Some of you have been taught rules for attuning to energy but you have your guides give you some different information. What comes through your guides will be the energy we ask you to follow. Don’t worry about what others pick up or tell you to do. Know it is okay that you get answers that you have never read or been taught or told. Some of you are completely unique paths. It is more important that you understand you and the journey before you.