Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reconfiguration of Energy

You are in a space of reconfiguration. Your world and models of life are going through shifting and changes that will enhance the lives of those willing to grow and change with what presents itself to you.

Many have been feeling dread and a sense of something about to happen. It feels foreboding to many. Yet, there is no reason for you to view this as a problem. You are mourning the loss of lives you have thought you should want and desire and now seeing them shift, grow or change and move away from you. You have been taught to want certain things that you find don’t resonate with you. You feel trapped in lives that do not feel authentic.

We view this as you waking up from your sleep. We ask you to stop looking around you for what you are supposed to want. We also ask you to stop judging what others have as good or bad. The lives each soul determines to exhibit will help them in their manifestations. Often, the outcries for injustice do not come from the areas that they need to come from to affect the real change. When the change is initiated from certain outside influences, it doesn’t hold the change because the individuals who need to step up are still not stepping up. It absolves those who need to follow their own journey from doing so because many others take over for them. So, people are not following their life paths when they allow others to do their work. There are those who may step in influence change but there are others who are supposed to pursue their true purpose from the spiritual perspective, which means directions come from a different place than those on ego life paths.

You cannot force change on those who are unwilling to take responsibility. Nor can you maintain the change when it is forced. Those who are involved must step up and take responsibility for the lives they are to create. Each of you must step up to your own lives and purposes and allow others to do the same. Each of you must ask what you are here in your physical lives to do. Then, proceed with the information you receive directly. Now, go forth and create the lives that belong to you. Authenticity is what you are seeking. You will know when you have found it. It will resonate and feel right to you.