Thursday, September 5, 2013

What would you say about groups that would commit violence to prevent children from learning or teachers from teaching?

We would say that those who would prevent learning because of their own fears or need to control do a great disservice to humanity. They are focused on squelching potential. Those who do such behaviors are most likely on a path to destroy humanity through their own fears or ignorance. They follow a misguided path, even if they believe that they are on a holy mission. The more educated any society is, the better your futures will be. When you are around those who would limit learning, they are limiting potential answers to problems that will arise. They are focused on keeping society in a box and that box will no longer work or function in the human realm.

Part of the human experience is learning and gaining experiences from the world around you. Why would you want to limit this. The more you understand each other and celebrate each other, the better the human race will be. Violence comes from fear. You are looking for ways to bring in more love. Love holds no need for violence. Violence comes from free will choices made by mankind.

The ancient ways are ready to shift out of existence. Man was meant to learn and progress and not hold to ancient texts that served a function, when they were created. Each must follow the path right for them. When we say this, no one has the right to force their ways on another. You are asking us how we perceive things and we are sharing how we perceive the information you requested.