Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This message was something that I am writing, as a result of working with several people who seem to just be in constant chaos. It feels like they are always in crisis mode and surrounded with drama/trauma people. They are dragged into one scheme after another and always feel angry and unsettled.

If this is something that is affecting you or someone you know, the person affected needs to step back and see what the person is agreeing to participate in. If the person feels angry or unsettled, the person is most likely not in alignment. To participate in this type of life the person is being removed from their spirit and soul connection and placed into an ego life. If the person’s life is meant to be spirit based, this will basically kill the individual. I have seen the life span cut short by engaging in something not meant for people playing this game. To navigate this energy, the person needs to step back and breathe. It is important to take time to tune in and don’t agree to anything with the drama/trauma people without seeing what role, if any, the individual is meant to play with them (the drama/trauma people). It might be time to just step away from the whole situation. If the person does continue to play into the dramas, the person needs to do it consciously. The person isn’t really helping the drama/trauma person out because they would find another person to play the none drama/trauma person’s role. Each person needs to find what works best for them. If the person is exhausted being with these individuals, then the person is not on the right path and the drama/trauma people are continually just taking and using the other person’s energy. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people willing to play the drama/trauma game. Spiritual people don’t need to fill in for those who enjoy the drama/trauma.

It is important for the spiritually based person to remove the drama/trauma people’s chords and seal the chords off. The spiritually based person needs to clear themselves of energy not belonging to them. through a salt bath or some other method. The spiritually based person needs time to be in a place that gives them peace, grounding and clarity. Spiritually based people need to connect with their guides and assess their true path and how to go on that path. A spiritually based person will find that they are much more happy and are aligned with their true source. The drama/trauma energy just disconnects the spiritually based person. People seeking to do their true work don’t want that. It is much nicer for a spiritually based person to follow their true and real pathway.

Blessings and Light!