Sunday, October 16, 2011

Authenticity and Power!

In keeping with the desire to help you create an intention of coming into your power and being authentic, we will offer his prayer for you.

Dear Creator,

Help me to be authentic and aligned with my true energy. Help me to create a life that is authentic to me. Help me to create from this authentic place. May I always be in alignment and grounded. May I be a force of good and truth. May I live in my highest ideals and create from that place.

Thank you for all the help I receive in this endeavor.


You get the idea. Look at whatever you wish to create and create your own prayers. Speak from your heart. Speak to whomever you view as the Divine force of creation. Your prayers are heard. They are not affiliated with any religious belief but from the Divine that holds love for all of you. We are here to help those who would ask for our help. Notice all of these prayers are based on your desires for yourself and not your desires for what others should do or how others should be. Each must make choices for themselves. It is the way it must be.


The Godhead