Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Labels for Energies We Work With!

I was working with my energies and they told me that I no longer have guides. They gave me another term for the energies who work with me and gave me the subtle differences between them and guides. I was noticing that a similar phenomenon was happening to some others whom I worked with. That doesn’t mean this applies to everyone but it might help you to tune into your group and ask them how they would define themselves. Ask them how that will apply to your work and development. Some of you may still have guides. Some of you may have beings identified as teams, councils, advisors, mentors or something else.

Pay attention to how your groups define themselves. It will help you in your work with them. Some of them may have names and some of them may work as collectives. We are branching out beyond what we were taught in the metaphysical world. Each must tune into who and what works with you and how they wish to be identified. Developing better ways to respect your energies will only enhance your work with them. If they identify themselves as guides, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong. We are all working on different systems with our teams. I just want to open the possibilities that you may be on a different system than the norm we have been taught in the past.