Monday, October 24, 2011

Reawaken Yourself!

Who are you? What are your gifts and talents? When you were born, you organically knew this. You were driven to be who and what you were. You have talents now but you often discount them because they don’t fit into the you that you believe society needs you to conform to. Your soul has other ideas. Take some time and tune into your soul. Ask what wants to come through you and be you. What is it that you possess that no one else possess on your planet. One of the beautiful pieces of being physical is that you get to be individuals. Your body is your instrument to roam through your world. Your body and spirit combine to make you unique. There is no need for you to fit in and conform. You have done this in the past to protect you from past lifetime events. Hold our own power.

Whatever is unique about you, is what you are meant to cultivate. Bring that out into your world. By being who and what you are, you will fulfill your destiny. You will be the answer to some question about existence and you will navigate the world with your unique view. Your answers lie in being who and what you are. If you don’t like some aspect of your life, look at that aspect and see if you adopted it to please another or to fit into your surroundings. It is time to strip away the false you and find the real you. Your life will flow much better, once you do.