Sunday, October 30, 2011

Divine Order

Know that all is in divine order. It all works out according to plan. We see humans who are stuck in ego who come in and try and muck up the plan but the plan will always win out. The timing may be changed or adjusted based on how humans interfere with what needs to happen. In the case of light workers, there are many times where ego based people show up and put a block or interference on something because they have no clue about what they are doing or what their action will do to others.

When you find this type of thing happening in your life or world, step back, breathe and ask for guidance on how to be with the energy and how to navigate it. We will show you what to do and then help you get back on track faster. Those who are tuned in do not have the luxury now of disconnecting from the path. You must stay on course and your teams will help you with whatever needs to happen with the least amount of stress.

The Light