Monday, January 28, 2013

If you knew that you only had this moment on the earth, what would you do? If you knew that you had a day, a week, a month, a year, what would you do? We recognize that living for your long term future can be very useful but not if it stops you from really being present and enjoying what you have in the here and now. There needs to be some type of balance between you in the moment and what you are perceiving as your long term futures.

We keep certain information from humans so that they don’t get stuck in what the future has to bring. Instead, we want to see how you proceed when you don’t know your future or what is in store for you. This is designed to see how you handle this day that you are given. What type of person will you choose to be and how will you act. How do you play with others? How do you work with others? Is your focus on being right about something? Is your focus about having to control those around you or your environment? How is that working for you? You are not meant to be masters over others. Other beings are not your slaves or possessions. Instead, learn to work together. Find people who are like minded and form bonds with them. If you need to be violent or abusive, you hold no connection to real power and you are surrounding yourselves with people who don’t belong with or around you. We are ready for you all to wake up and start living the lives you are meant to live. The programming is within you. You are not really waiting for some outside force to come and tell you how to be and what to be. If you pay attention to each moment, you will know how to best navigate what is before you. This will help bring you to the spiritual path and away from the ego path.