Saturday, January 19, 2013

When you anticipate different occurrences or events, what does that do for you? It often just creates stress around whatever you are focusing on. You can’t really prepare for certain things. You may worry about news or an event that hasn’t happened or may never happen. You may worry about something that has taken place. How does that help the situation? How does that affect your quality of life, in the here and now. Many events are in the creation process but they may not yet be formed. If you put your energy in them or worrying about them, you are not helping the formation. You are also not appreciating what you have in this very moment. Release your fear and need to fear certain experiences. Instead, bring your focus to the here and now and see what needs to take place right now.

The future has not yet formed completely. You will see that many pathways hold potential. Some have committed to pathways that will hold into the future. Others will be offered many options that can change timing and outcomes. What you pick up is in the moment and current path but options are soon made available to many. There is the potential for much growth and opportunities now.