Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lesson Four: Never get caught up in how something appears to be. What you see happening and taking place is not necessarily what is happening. There are many levels of existence for which mankind has asked for. In situations where you are caught up in the appearances of something, step back, clear yourself and ask for guidance on how to be with whatever is appearing to take place. You will then know if you fit into this piece or if you must step away. People often get caught up in an illusion that is formed by ego energy.

If you have a spiritual path to find in your physical form, you must learn to separate the ego from the spirit. Know that each being is creating a form of reality for their journey. This also happens in the spirit realm. Your experiences will be altered based on this invention. It doesn’t mean that you know what is really taking place. You are only being shown creations by yourself and others. You each have the power to alter your lives by filtering out the realities that no longer align with your journey. This is where your focus comes in handy. Also, tune into your true purpose and you will know how to shift your focus and attention. You don’t need to buy into perceptions of realities that are not aligned with your true authentic path.