Monday, January 21, 2013

Lesson Two: There is a fine line between paying attention to what is in your thoughts and feelings and obsessing over something. If you find that you are obsessing over something, you are not working through it. The energy of obsession will not serve you. It will tend to keep whatever you wish to attract away and you will find that you feel more unhappy or uncomfortable. Acknowledging something can be useful because you can be led into a new place of growth and expansion with the energy. Obsession will cause you to drive yourself crazy and you will find you are in a vicious cycle. If you find that you are obsessing over something, ask how that serves you and what you need to understand from your focus. Then, move on. You might want to ask what you should be focusing on.

If you obsess over something, make sure it is something that you want to see expand in your life. Also, be aware of the reverse energy, because you are most likely going to attract that. People will often think that they are thinking about one thing but they are often focused on fear of the thing that they think they want so they are creating the reverse energy. Be clear about your thoughts and follow where that line of focus leads.


Aaron and Noah