Sunday, January 6, 2013

Work on creating an energy flow. Your physical body is not the beginning or the end of this flow. You are not the beginning or end of energy. Once your realize that there is a great energy expanse through you and around you, you will understand how you fit into the time and space you occupy. All of you is just a series of pieces that come together and go apart. You have an appearance of being solid but you are not solid. You are many pieces put together. You are a perceived form and creation. All around you is a perceived form of pieces placed together. You believe in physics and how that explains your perceived reality. When you learn to get out of your beliefs in reality, you are in a mode of expansion. Once you get into this expansion, anything is possible. We ask you to look beyond what you belief is true. Allow for something else to take place and for change to be a possibility and potential. Allow for miracles and they will truly come through you now and always.

Be at peace brothers and sisters!

The Yahwehs