Saturday, January 12, 2013

I was reading some work on Matrix Energetics and there was a chapter that talked about plugging into the power source. I did some meditations on it and saw some powerful shifts from the exercise. So, I thought I would ask my team about ways to do this better.


Each of you has a power source or connection with whatever is in your journey. When you are clear and tune into this source of energy, you will find that you clearly get your guidance on how to work with the specific energy. You are not tuning into the source of someone else’s energy or connection but finding the energy source that is right for you. You do not do this to drain anyone or anything but to charge those energies connected to you and the source energy. This energy will vary based on each being. Some things may not be in your grid so ask first and let your groups of guides help you attain what is the best way for you to work and exist for your own path and journey.