Monday, January 14, 2013

Let me help you understand the energy of healing. What you perceive as disease or illness holds a vibration and an energy pattern. It is a construct that serves some purpose and provides some wisdom. When something shows up, spend time with the energy. Feel it and experience it. Remove fear and judgment from what is taking place. If a bone is broken, you might want to have it set. You may also utilize modern medicine to have surgery or medication but spend time with the root energy of what is showing up. We are not suggesting that anything is wrong with what is happening. It is just an experience that holds feelings and wisdom for you or whoever is involved in the experience. It might be showing up to get you to a hospital or specific doctor. It might be to help you be in a place to help others or meet specific people.

If you are providing an energy healing treatment, you must also spend time with the patterns presented before you. Allow that this can be a different energy pattern for each person so that you are looking at each case with a fresh perspective. Once you are with the energy, ask it questions and be open to what comes through. You will know how to progress with the energy patterns that arise. The trick to healing is being open to what the experience holds for you without any form of control or judgment. Remember what is showing up is not broken and doesn’t need to be fixed. It has been created for some part of your journey. So, honor it and respect it for what it is. We recognize that you might view it as inconvenient but it wouldn’t exist, if it didn’t serve some purpose.