Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Most people assume they are ready for something that they desire but the aren’t necessarily ready. They need to work on some piece of themselves or show themselves that they are capable of more or some accomplishment needs to be made. They go around blocking the creation but saying they want it and why don’t they have this desire. They may block the creation by saying that they want something but know that they will never get it. They may hold fear of having what they say that they want. Then, they blame the Universe, God or some other person for what is taking place.

If something isn’t showing up when and how you expect, look at what might be taking place. Don’t set up limitations for God or the Universe. Learn to truly be open to the creation process. If something isn’t showing up, it might be because of you are not ready, it might be that some other component isn’t ready. Tune in and ask what you need to do to be ready for the creation. Ask what is blocking the creation of your desire. Ask if you are asking for what you truly desire. If the block is coming from you, ask how you can unblock the creation. If it is coming from someone else, ask that they no longer be able to block you. If the creation is something dependent on another and the other person isn‘t ready, then you may just need some patience. You can send the other person love and support for where they are right now. It is vital that you get out of the way of the process of creation. If you are trying to create something through fear, you will also be convoluting the process. It is much better to create through love. If it is a true soul desire to create something, it will be created at the perfect time and in the perfect way.