Saturday, January 26, 2013

How much of your time do you spend obsessing over people who are famous and not in your social circle? How much time and energy do you spend looking out for celebrities and putting them on a pedestal? It would be one thing, if these people were your friends or relatives but these are basically strangers that you feel that you have the right to know about in detail and personally. How would you feel if the reverse was happening and these famous people were stalking you for information about the most intimate details of your life? Those whom you view as famous people or public people still have rights to privacy. You have a right to inquire about their public personas and work but not their private lives. There jobs just put them out in the public but their private lives are their own. Allow them the same rights to make mistakes and process experiences and grow as we would wish for you and you would wish for yourself.

We find it interesting that people are so inquisitive about intimate details of strangers and think that they can weigh in on what these people should be doing and how they should be acting. These are people who are human. We ask that you really pay attention to this information. Instead of putting so much energy on strangers, place the energy on creating your own best lives and stop living through the lives of others. In reality, you don’t have any rights to their private lives and personal information.

We also see a trend where people feel that they should be sharing all of the intimate details of their lives on such things as Facebook, Twitter and other public media. There is no such real need. This doesn’t create bonds of friendships with others. It only puts your personal information into larger forms of access. This is not necessarily the best way to proceed and exist. What you are sharing is for those in your inner circles and not everyone on your planet. Keeping private matters private will serve you all better in your futures.

Yahweh and the Godhead