Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When you think about your life, what would you really like it to be? This is a time we ask you to envision your fantasy life. Now, think about what it would feel like to have that as your reality. What comes up for you? Many people will wish to win a huge amount of money. They think that it will make their life easier and remove pressures but then they are inundated with people who think that they are entitled to part of the winnings and their lives become very complicated and stressful at a whole new level. If you have a specific path, this could move you away from your true life and purpose, so you don’t find yourself winning this money. If you were to win this money, you would find it isn’t in alignment with your destiny and there may be consequences that you do not like. Not getting something may actually be a gift of love from the Divine.

When you focus on creating a life that aligns with your true life purpose, you will find that your life shapes up to provide all of the pieces that you need to fulfill that life. You won’t manifest anything that would take you away from what you are here for. So, before you get upset about not creating something that you feel entitled to, tune in and see if that desire is really in alignment.

Many are taught to enlist the help of specific energies for different parts of their lives. The energy may come through for you or may not show up at all. First ask if what you are asking for is aligned with you. Then, tune in and see if the energy you are seeking help from belongs working with you. We have mentioned before that you are all individuals with your own journey’s. There is no one size fits all. Some of you won’t need the help of specific energies. You will have the beings who belong with you around you in the seen and unseen worlds. Know there is much going on that your human selves are not aware of. You may always ask for what you desire but also be aware of whatever comes through to you.