Friday, January 11, 2013

Many of you feel it is your work or obligation to fix what you perceive is off. Someone else may have a belief or behavior that you perceive needs to be fixed. We submit that the people or individuals are not broken. There is nothing to fix. Someone can be an alcoholic or drug abuser and they may be doing all types of self destructive behaviors but that is their path to work on. The creation is something that they manifested for some life purpose. If they truly wish to change or learn from the experience, they will. You have no power to do anything but contain them so that they aren’t harming others. Once released, they will continue on their own path. You have little control over them. Your world has created cause and effect. So, allow others to be responsible for their behaviors and actions. Your laws may help them on their path that their soul has created. You are not responsible for the actions and reactions of others. The spirit and soul growth is the responsibility of each being.

A more constructive approach may be to step back and open up to how the experience serves the individual and those who stay around them. You are not judging the experience but learning to understand it. You may choose what to partake in and what to walk away from. You are responsible for the pieces that fit your own journey.