Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lesson Five: Your work is to create a life that is authentic to you. You are not here to conform to what others want for you or how others expect you to be. You must find the path that is authentic to you and aligned with your destiny and purpose. If you are reading this blog, you are most likely not here for an ego path. The path of spirit is within you and appears when you release the ego and allow the spirit to lead you. For those who are on ego pathways, you will find you will attract others on an ego pathway. If someone is on a spirit journey, they will most likely be separating from you soon, if they haven’t already left you. Spiritual beings may interact with ego people to show potential other choices. There is nothing wrong with either path, they are just different and don’t hold resonance with each other. It brings you back to being authentic with your own journey. You can’t join others, just because someone wants you to join them. You must connect with those you belong with, for the time period you belong together. If you are in the flow, you will find the beauty in this process.