Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If you want change or miracles in your life, you need to at least believe that they are possible. If you need to frame the world and the way things are, the Universe and creation energies will comply with your beliefs. If you want something else to happen, you need to let go of your constructs and allow for many other options outside of your box to occur.

Your world has created many limiting beliefs and many of you have grown to believe the limiting beliefs. You never question why those limitations were created. You never question the definitions and perceived rules. You have been taught to take them as facts. You follow the straight line before you and don’t look outside of it. Yet, if you want something else, you must be willing to release the accepted rules and regulations and open to beliefs and possibilities outside of the boxes man has assigned to you. Be willing to let go or your label or try on another label. Allow yourself to create without allowing others to shut you down or limit your possibilities. You don’t need to justify your creation. It is your creation.

If you don’t want to live in a world of limitations, stop limiting yourself and others. Make another choice. Try on a new belief. Have fun with the creation process. Let the energy form, take shape and enjoy the ride. There are infinite possibilities. You just need to be open to them. Something may appear but that doesn’t mean that is what is truly what is taking place. That is why we always ask you to not get caught up in how something appears. Start using your God given creation energy and enjoy the process of life. Focus on positive and loving results and you will not be disappointed. Let go of the need to control everything in your life. This will lead to many wonderful surprises, potentials and possibilities.


The Guardians