Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What we see is that many people are working through the fear based model. They promote that you need to worry or be fearful, if something happens or doesn’t happen. They feed you with constant streams of fear. You watch it on your televisions, you see it in movies and you listen to messages on the radio and phone that all promote fear. These messages are created through ego based energies, who are trying to control and manipulate people and outcomes. As long as you follow this way of being, you will not find your true answers and solutions. To find your answers and solutions you must shift to a love based consciousness and release the need to control and manipulate. You must open to a spirit based solution instead of the ego. Egos will get in the way of the best solution every time. The ego depends on fear to keep control.

When you feel fear or anger creeping up within you, know you are in the fear model and letting the ego energy take over. When this happens simply step back and reassess what is happening. Ask to be shown the answer through a love based model and through the spirit perception. Then, you will know how to proceed. The love based/spirit based model has no need of fear or ego. It simply opens to the experience and helps you find the way to navigate what is taking place. There is no fear of a specific outcome. There is only love and openness to whatever needs to take place and you are able to be in the flow.


The Guardians