Monday, November 28, 2011


Greetings to all of you! We send you great blessings and welcome. This is a momentous moment where we come together in this one place of time and space. You are our heroes for you have chosen to be here in this great time of transition in your world. Your lives will undergo great changes now. What you have known before is no more. What you have taken at face value holds much more than what is on the surface. Before you judge anything, take a real concerted look at it. You will understand much more, once you have aligned with the energy and connected with it. Mankind often goes to judgment without understanding something. There has been too much of this energy in your world. It is time to move beyond it. Know something before you judge it. Seek your own path before you try to alter the path of another. Your judgments might be right for you but they are not always right for another. So, give space to what is before you and take time to understand what is happening before you proceed. You will always benefit from this approach.

Know the Universes are colliding now. This may seem scary but it is on an energetic sense. Much energy is blending with your own. You will derive great benefits from this change so allow it to take place without struggle.


The United Federation of Planets