Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I was asked about being in relationships when you know that they are not your true partner but they serve a function in your life or keep you company. So, I put that up to my group to what they have to say about that.

When you invest in others who you know do not belong with you in an intimate relationship, you are saying that you don’t trust that we have something better in store for you. It may take up your time and energy and you may feel it meets personal needs but yet you keep both partners in the relationship from being with someone who is aligned with them. We realize that it may take a long time to find the person because many of you have been taught to take what shows up instead of waiting until the person intended for you shows up. So, you are each going into relationships and ultimately blocking or stopping your intended partner from showing up.

It is often better to be alone and work on cultivating yourself than finding a partner to just have one. Each of you must decide what path you will take in your relationship journey. Just realize when you do this, you are putting what is right for you on hold or possibly preventing it from taking place. When we bring you together, we will do it in a way that is in integrity and honoring for all parties concerned. You will not be brought together with a married partner or someone in a committed relationship. You must both be available. The timing has to be right. If you have a desire to be in a committed, loving relationship, then there will be one that shows up at the right time. So, there is no reason for concern.