Tuesday, November 1, 2011

See, Feel, Commit, Trust

In the beginning of September, I saw a movie called Seven Days in Utopia. One of their focal points was SFT (See, Feel, Trust). This was a technique to help someone visualize the end result. My group came through with a variation of that. There focal point was SFCT (See, Feel, Commit, Trust). See the vision of what you want to create. Feel the energy of what you want to create. Commit to the creation or manifestation. Then, the last piece is trust, which also goes to surrender.


The next piece for today is to recognize that all things that are have some form of spirit or living energy to them. Even things you view as inanimate have a spirit to them. Humans are used to imposing their will and desire onto everything. There is never a thought to check in with the other energies you are affecting or imposing your change on. If you are going to paint your home, consult the house with the color choices. See what colors the house wants and not just the owner. When you paint rooms in your home, consult the room. We know this might seem crazy to you but we are asking you to enlist the area to be painted to see what it wants or needs. By doing this you are aligning with the energy of the space.

When you are landscaping, invite the yard in to help you design something that works for everyone. If you live in a Home Owner Association, the land will consider what needs to happen with that also. So, don’t assume you know what the land wants. When you move into a home, ask for permission to live there. Start learning gratitude for all that you engage in and with all that you interact with. The land has many unseen energies on it. Start engaging more with your environments.

We are trying to get you to move beyond your ego-selves, in making decisions. Wake up to the knowledge that there is more that exists than what you know and that there is much you do not see or hold awareness over. The more all forces work together, the better result for your earth.


The Light