Friday, November 4, 2011

Dealing with Bullies

When you are dealing with the energy of bullies, hold your power. Step back and ground yourself. The bully has no power or they would not need to persecute others or manipulate situations in their favor. They feel unstable and not fit to make decisions. They run on ego and emotions and try to make others unstable too. They are not connected to their soul purpose or their contract with others. They just look for ways to connect with others in a dysfunctional way through some form of domination.

Now is not the time to give over to such energy. You must grant them the path they are pursuing but connect with your inner self and stay away from them, whenever possible. If you have any issues with how to proceed in anything, make sure you tune in with your groups. You have no need to worry or concern yourself with such behavior. You have to monitor yourselves and how you conduct yourselves. That is your focus. There are times you must address bullies but you do not need to step into their energy and spend a lot of time with them. Your teams will provide you with protection, if you invite your teams in. You will be guided on how to navigate such behaviors and situations.

All works out how it must but ask for help and it will be granted. Don’t assume your job is to fix the bully or spend a lot of energy with them. If you are guided to do so, then really pay attention to the messages coming through with the contact. Most bullies have been bullied themselves and are just passing the energy on but that doesn’t heal anything. It only perpetuates the victim story.