Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dealing with Abusers!

How would you deal with someone who is abusive or in a position of power who is disrespectful?

The short answer is we wouldn’t deal with this individual, group or system. Abuse is not power. Abusive people are disconnected from their power so they feel the need to control or manipulate others. If you take away attention to them, they loose their power. It is like working with a spoiled child with a temper tantrum. The more energy you give them the worse the tantrum becomes. When you pull away attention from the negative behavior, you take away the energy fueling their outburst.

You must make sure you are safe from the abuser so that they don’t do any violent action to physically harm you. This might mean you need to physically remove yourself from the environment that the abuser is in. The abuser perceives that you are weaker than they are. That is not true. You may believe you are but you aren’t. Abuse is never okay. There is always an option to get you out of the situation. When you hold your power, no one has power over you.

Give the least amount of energy that you can to dealing with abusers. Block their energy. If you have trouble with this enlist the help of your teams and guards to help you navigate this. We will gladly come in and assist you. You are meant to have lives of love and support. The other aspects people accept from others are their choice but not a requirement from other realms. We wish lives of love and joy for all of you. We would never want you to suffer or be in pain. The energy of pain and suffering is manmade from their thoughts and beliefs. We created a world with abundance for all of you.