Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tune In Before You Decide!

As the land reconfigures and changes, look at what you are creating. There will be many areas that are devastated by destruction of property. Before you agree to rebuild, check in and see if you should stay where you have been. There are areas we wish to be left uninhabited. Before you rebuild or commit to staying where you have been, check in. Make sure it is not time to move on to another place.

You may have been in that area for the time you needed to be there. It may be time to start over without burdens or belongings. There will be stages where you will all need to start over. Simple is better. Learning new priorities is important.

A society that is only based on how much stuff you can accumulate and what new inventions you can accrue, will not teach you what is of value. The real value is not in the belongings but in the connections you make with others. How do you help others? How do you improve the lives of others? Going through life with how you touch lives with love, dignity and compassion will take you much further than focus on belongings. This doesn’t mean you can’t be abundant and wealthy but it means that you must get your priorities straight and know what is truly important. If you have lovely possessions, make sure they are things you value and enjoy instead of things you collect because you think they would impress others. Your focus needs to be on what is important to you. Look for reasons to extend yourself to others. Share your light in the world. Instead of looking for ways to zing or attack others, how can you assist others and learn about them.

We see many trying to gain land because they want to own something and deny use to others. They are not looking at being good stewards of the land. You must all learn to work together and share the bounty provided on the earth. For the bounty is the earth’s to give and share. You may be instrumental in the creation of something but in the end, you will go with just your spirit intact. Development of your spirit is primary. Enjoyment of your experiences on the earth are important. Your legacy is up to each of you.

Notice none of this is about poverty consciousness. Abundance takes many forms. We are just asking you to re-evaluate your definitions of abundance to something beyond ownership.

The Light