Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Know When to Release Something!

Know when to let go of a project or situation. Many will hold onto projects and situations, even when all of the signs point to letting them go. You tell yourselves that there is no one to step in and take my place. You tell yourself that others need you but all the signs keep pointing to letting something go. Pay attention to this and let it go. If another person is needed in the mix, someone will show up. If the project needs to continue, someone will take over the project. Once you let it go, release the need to control how you think it should be done.

As you learn to release what you are guided to release, something will come in and replace your time and energy. It will most likely be replaced by something that is more in alignment for you than what you were doing. We see much resistance to letting go of things because people are not sure what will replace what they have released. Be assured something will replace what you were doing with something new. You have offers in formation that may not be able to manifest because of how you are spending your time and energy. The release opens up new doors, windows and opportunities. You are ready for something new and you must release the old for the new to come in. You must release what is not in alignment for you for what is in alignment for you to show up.

There are many new things awaiting you now. Take the time to release what needs to be released. Clear a pathway for what is now to come.