Sunday, November 6, 2011

Create the Life to Support Your Talents!

None of you need to live or work in a toxic environment. None of you need to live or work in abusive situations. Those are all choices that you each make. There may be souls that decide to experience such an existence but it only exists because you have not said no to it. If communities or people allow others to walk all over them, it is their choice. There is always something that can be done. You are seeing this in areas where people who were ruled by dictators have stood up and said no. They may have had to fight to make the change but it all changed when the people stood up and said no.

We do not condone violence. We would love to see humans eliminate war and such ways of working through things but there are also times where you must use armies to precipitate change. It is preferred to see the change through peace but we also realize the dictators often use violence to suppress others and the only way to gain control is through eliminating the violent force or dictator. If change takes place in this fashion, make sure it is not one dictatorship changing to another dictatorship. Violence and fear need to stop as ways of ruling the people. You must stand up to the bullies to make a change but do not then make that your way of life.

We wish for all of you to have lives that reflect your gifts and talents. We wish the best for all of you. Whenever you call for our help, we will come to you and help you create through possibilities instead of limitations.


The Yahwehs