Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Brothers and Sisters,

Don’t assume that you know the end result or what the process is about. Just follow the process. Don’t try and control the end result or the process. Instead, open to the process as you are directed by your team. Ask for directions or how to navigate whatever is coming through. Try not to buy into the energy that may surround you from outside sources or people with agendas. Agendas never really work. You are charged with many duties as a light being but they come through showing up and following the path before you.

Know that you are each placed in the path to do good, wherever you are. Many times, your work happens by just existing. Your light shines where you are and around you. Whatever needs to happen takes place by you being in the space you are in. Each of you must take responsibility for your own actions and behaviors. However, your work takes place by you showing up and following the guidance that comes from your teams and within you. Know this and really understand this.

Never assume you know from just a little piece of the puzzle. All you really know is the piece of the puzzle before you. Don’t assume that something you impose on your teams is okay without asking them. If you get an ambiguous answer, know that you have teams and your teams may have a better way of working with you than what you have established. You don’t know unless you ask for their input.


The Light