Friday, November 18, 2011

Working Together

Brothers and sisters,

Unite in fellowship. Be one with each other and be kind and gentle with yourselves and others. You embark in family events and times with travel. Be patient. Know that you are each traveling together and with each other. Help each other each step of the way. Look for ways to help each other be successful. You will not regret this behavior.

You tried the thinking only of me way of life and it has created great troubles among mankind. You must alter that. You will find great wealth and riches are abundant when you stop looking at what is in it for yourselves. You may still be abundant as yourselves but you will also help others succeed in the process. You each have different desires so what is abundant for one is not necessarily abudance for all. There is room for independance. But rejoice in the success of each and all of you. Realize you are never alone and in working together you can accomplish much.