Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Understanding History

We have expanded on many lifetimes. We are ancestors and descendants. There have been many who came before and there will be many who follow after. Each time period holds its own challenges. The future may build on the past. Often, we find that people do not look at what transpired in history to understand the legacy carried forth. People take writings at face value and don’t try and understand where morays may have come from.

When writings talk in absolutes, please try and understand why the writers may have spoken thusly. Do not assume that the ancients never wanted anything to change or evolve. Antiquities were created to record what took place. The ancients held war as the way to dominate and have conquests. In the evolutionary quest, we would hope that mankind would move beyond the need to dominate others and force others into submission. It was never intended that mankind would continue on the path of domination of others.

Learn from what transpired before your time. Work on your sense of compassion towards all life. Take care of your planet and world. Leave a legacy of respect and honor. Don’t be afraid to change and grow.