Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As I was sitting down to write some of these messages, I was listening to the sounds of saws and drills at one of my neighbors homes. The sound was intense, as I was tuning into the higher vibrations for messages.

Dear Ones,

Know that you don’t control anything outside of your thoughts and actions. You have perceived control over your body but you must learn to release the need to control others. Each piece goes into the equation. It is nice when people give you a heads up about something that will affect your surroundings but that rarely happens. People are focused on manmade timing or schedules and neglect to include those who are impacted by what they do. You must still learn to focus and do what you need to do while others do what they need to do.

Don’t put your lives on hold because of your perception that someone might need your support or help. All will have the help that they need and you may not be the one who is supposed to give that help to another person. Know this and understand this. Your team will make you available to what you are needed for. What needs to happen always will happen. You have the skill to handle whatever comes up or you would not be placed in the process.

Noah and the Light