Friday, September 9, 2011

Concerns and Trust!

What raises concerns for you? There are many situations that are created in your world that cause you to mistrust others. People may create something where they expect you to trust them and you feel something is off. You may feel a sense that they are not truthful. You may also feel that they are okay but you are not sure. You may feel pushed or forced to make quick decisions. Make sure you clear yourself before you ask if you should trust them. People often feel something is off because it is new to them or it may really be off.

Take a deep breath. Clear yourself and be open to what comes through. That will help you know if you can trust the person or situation. Do not allow others to coerce you into something or force you into giving them an answer or doing what they want you to do. We hope that you know to walk away from something like this. When someone gives you more information and allows you to take time to assess if something is right for you, you are on better ground.

We want you to feel comfortable with change and making decisions. Tune into your guides and that will help you assess if you can trust what you are picking up. If you feel duality, it is probably not a good idea to progress. Pay attention and take the time you need to assess how to trust yourself, others and situations. Give yourself time to understand what you are picking up. With practice this process becomes faster.