Sunday, September 11, 2011

Information and Trust!

People often become their own worst enemy. They ask for information, receive the information and then come up with ways that the information is wrong. They may receive information that doesn’t make sense to them or it may seem scary to them so then they try and negotiate for a different answer. They may ask for plan B instead of the plan. They start going into the need for three or six confirmations. They get that and it all verifies the information and then they ask for more signs that it is right. If the answers are something they are not comfortable with, they go into fear.

Part of learning to receive information is trusting what you get. The information will not be related to doctrine or many religious teachings. You will not be asked to harm another being or do anything violent or disrespectful of another life form. If you feel that the information relates to that, first look at whether or not it really does harm another person or it is just your perception. It may be something that you find difficult but there should be no sense of doing something to truly hurt another person. Asking you step away from a relationship, doesn’t count as designed to harm another person. It may be something that is good for both of you in the long run. If you are thinking someone is asking you to rob a bank or beat up someone, it is most likely not coming from a higher form. However, if you are being robbed and you are asked to hit someone to save yourself or another, that may be a valid reply.

If you have been paying attention to your guidance, you will not be placed in situations that require violence or harm to another person. We will be able to steer you away from danger before it happens. So, learn to pay attention and stop trying to negotiate for the answers you expect or would prefer. Sometimes, you need the challenge to get out of your box. If you are truly following your guidance, it will all work out with the challenges and all.


The Godhead