Thursday, September 29, 2011


Let us look at patterns that you repeat. You have schedules and systems in place to help you create an environment that is well ordered or fits your patterns. What happens when that day to day program is put out of whack? How do you handle things when they don’t go by your plan or what you expect? Can you go with the flow? Why do you need to control outcomes or end results? If one thing doesn’t work, then something else is going to show up that is even better.

It is fine to create goals and desires. By all means, put out into the world what you desire. But then it is vital to let go of the control and show up for the process that is presenting itself to you. There is much out of your control but you still need to participate and show up. Keep asking how you fit in and your teams will help you navigate anything that takes place. There are many surprises in store for you and you never know what will show up that helps you create something that is magnificent. Many roads lead towards your creations. So, learn to go with the road that shows up and it will take you on some wonderful pathway.