Saturday, September 10, 2011


We were asked about destiny. You will each follow your destiny. There is much support behind the scenes to ensure that it takes place. The only time this doesn’t take place is when you continually sabotage your paths. However, if it is possible to make your destiny take place, it will. There are times where humans keep saying no to what needs to take place and there are times where we need to find someone who is willing to say yes to what shows up. There are many things where timing needs to be enforced.

Once your path and the energy are in alignment, all will fall into place quickly. Don’t set limits on what we can do and how we have to do it. All that needs to take place, will take place. It is vital that you stop getting in your own way. Learn to say no to things and situations not right for you. Stay in integrity and work on being aligned at all times. You will find your life works and flows like magic. When we say integrity, it doesn’t mean judging others, it means doing what you know is the right choice for you. Watch who you spend your time and energy with. Put your energy in relationships that are healthy for you and all who are in the relationships with you. If you make a mistake, own it and learn from whatever you do. Don’t blame others for what you do and have done. If you were involved with anything, you gave your consent on some level. Own your part of the incident. That is how you grow and improve. Learn to say yes to what is aligned within your soul and no to things that our out of alignment. The choice is yours and so are the consequences for your own actions. Each piece can be used to help you progress and grow.